lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

Colombian Army shoots 13 FARC guerrillas in fighting

The Army shot dead 11 fighters of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in a shootout on 18-19 November in the district of Tame in eastern Colombia, and two more in fighting in the north-central department of Antioquia, Caracol radio reported on 20 November, citing comments by the Armed Forces chief General Leonardo Barrero. Press and media initially reported nine casualties from the Alfredo Castellanos Mobile Column of the FARC's 10th Front, though General Barrero said 11 were killed and one was detained. He said the Army was not sure yet about the death reported earlier of the column's commander, a man dubbed Franklin, and was investigating to check if he had died or fled to Venezuela. The Army stated on 18 January that it killed two guerrillas of the FARC's Front 18, in fighting in the district of Ituango in Antioquia. These were said to have engaged in extortion and drug trafficking in the Bajo Cauca sector of Antioquia. Separately a member of the FARC was reported arrested in the district of El Bagre in Antioquia, and another surrendered to troops at an unspecified location, handing over weapons and equipment, the Army reported on 19 January.

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