domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013

Two FARC attacks kill eight, injure over 50 in Colombia, guerrilla arrested

A bomb attack early on 7 December by members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) killed eight people in the south-western Colombian department of Cauca and injured 42, Caracol television and EFE reported that day. Presumed members of the FARC's Sixth Front threw explosive cylinders onto a police station, which collapsed onto soldiers and policemen inside but also caused the deaths of two civilian neighbours of the building. President Juan Manuel Santos qualified this as a "crazy terrorist attack," writing on the website Twitter. On 4 December the FARC injured 11 infantrymen when they threw a grenade at a truck carrying 18 soldiers, in the south-western district of Tumaco near the frontier with Ecuador, Radio Santa Fe reported on 5 December. The Army attributed that attack to the FARC's Daniel Aldana column. A man identified as a captain in the Daniel Aldana column, a fighter dubbed Mario lata, was separately arrested in Ecuador, at an unspecified date, Radio Santa Fe reported on 6 December, citing the Minister of Defence Juan Carlos Pinzón Bueno. Mr Pinzón said the detained was sought by Interpol on murder and other charges, and was thought involved in a bomb attack on a police station in Tumaco two years earlier.

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