miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

Police find mass grave in El Salvador, with 20 corpses so far

A set of graves found outside San Salvador on 19 November - thought to contain victims of one of the country's gangs - had so far yielded some 20 bodies, and the figure was expected to rise, the website elsalvador.com reported on 10 December. The graves were found in an area of some 200 square metres, in the locality of Lourdes in the district of Colón; police were expecting to find as many as 44 bodies there as excavations continued. Bodies identified so far included an elderly couple, local residents who apparently had refused to hand over their homes to gangsters, at least four children or teenagers, and presumed members of the MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha. The suspected murderers were provisionally identified to be from the rival Mara 18 gang, though authorities had yet to establish which cliques in the gang had perpetrated the killings. Salvadorean gangs were ostensibly in a truce since March 2012, although many observers in the country have voiced doubts about their sincerity and the efficacy of the truce in curbing crime. One of them was the state prosecutor Rodolfo Delgado, involved in the excavations, who said "the murders have not stopped. The ceasefire is just in the minds of the ignorant. Salvadoreans continue to die and their bodies are being hidden," the Salvadorean daily El Mundo reported on 10 December.

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