viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

Mexican militiamen react to colleagues' arrests

Members of self-styled community police forces from the state of Guerrero in western Mexico briefly marched on 22 August to demand the release of between 13 and 30 colleagues detained earlier, these including the community police chief of Olinalá, Nestora Salgado García; they were however blocked by troops and police, Mexican newspapers reported. The attempted march was one of several actions including blocking roads, undertaken in protest at the arrests of militiamen by troops on 21 August. State authorities had accused Ms Salgado of kidnapping a municipal official from Olinalá on 15 August, and he was identified as one of several people detained by the community police in the locality of El Paraíso and released on 21 August. Locals have accused many local officials and police of helping criminal gangs, hence the formation of militias and arbitrary arrests. Some 50 members of CRAC (Coordinadora Regional de Autoridades Comunitarias), a body coordinating local "community police" forces, sought on 22 August to march from Tixtla toward the state capital Chilpancingo, though it was not clear if Ms Salgado and others were held there, Milenio reported. Other militiamen were reported to have taken over the municipal building of Ayutla de los Libres, locking its doors, and taking away police cars and apparently 20 or 22 policemen and a municipal official, Milenio reported. These it appeared were being held ahead of talks the state government may hold with the militias, Proceso reported on 22 August. It observed that secondary schoolchildren and teachers participated in the protests and road blocks that day.

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