sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

FARC guerrilla, two soldiers killed in Colombia

Colombian troops shot dead a man identified as deputy-head and "chief financial officer" of Front 45 of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), in undated fighting in the district of Fortul in the eastern department of Arauca, Caracol radio and EFE agency reported on 24 August. The guerrilla, a 31-year-old dubbed Ariel or Wicho, financed the FARC by extorting money from businesses and farmers in the districts of Tame and Fortul, Caracol cited the Army as stating. The Army separately announced that two soldiers were killed and five injured when a base was attacked early on 24 August in the district of Totoró in the western department of Cauca, Radio Santa Fe reported. The attack occurred when troops were resting and was attributed to the FARC's Sixth Front, Caracol and Radio Santa Fe reported. Authorities reacted by forwarding planned bombing operations on an unspecified location, with results expected "in coming hours," Caracol reported on 24 August. Separately, a suspect described as head or a head of the Colombian gang Los Rastrojos was arrested in Ecuador on 20 August, in an operation between Ecuadorean and Colombian police and Interpol; he was taken to Colombia whence he may be extradited to the United States, Mexico's El Informador reported on 22 August. Authorities believed that the suspect, a man dubbed Palustre, worked with Mexican drug cartels from Ecuador, sending drugs northward through Colombia's Pacific-coast port of Buenaventura, in speedboats. He was caught in Manta on Ecuador's Pacific coast, El Informador reported.

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