lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Forces catch 30, shoot three FARC guerrillas around Colombia

Colombian troops killed a fighter of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and captured 13 in gunfights on 28 April in the south-western district of Tumaco near Ecuador's frontier, Caracol radio reported. The head of the Army's Third Division General Jorge Alberto Seguro said the action against members of the Daniel Aldana Column struck at the FARC's drug trafficking operations in this part of Colombia. Police separately arrested in the south-western department of Cauca on 26 April 17 members of the FARC's Sixth Front suspected of preparing an armed robbery on an army helicopter thought to carry cash worth over 830,000 euros, Europa Press and Colombian media reported. Police detained the suspects in several houses in the district of Puerto Tejada, also confiscating army uniforms, weapons and explosives. The detained were thought to have scheduled their assault for the afternoon of 26 April when the helicopter was to have landed. One detainee, a guerrilla dubbed Leo, was identified as head of the Sixth Front's "special" or elite forces. The 17 were taken to face charges in the city of Cali, Caracol radio reported on 27 April. The army also shot dead two FARC captains in different operations; one was Diomer, identified as fourth-in-command of the Miller Perdomo mobile column active in the Cauca and Valle de Cauca departments in south-western and western Colombia. He was killed in an eight-hour gun fight in the district of Suarez in Cauca, El Espectador reported, citing army declarations. The army also confirmed on 28 April that its troops shot dead two guerrillas in Bojayá in the north-western department of Chocó including a mid-ranking chief in the FARC's Front 57, a man dubbed Nando. Nando was in the FARC for 19 years and suspected in a range of activities including extortion and the forcible recruitment of indigenous Colombians from Chocó, El Colombiano reported.

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