jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Colombia detains guerrilla captain, gang suspects

Colombian authorities caught on 11 April a commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) sought for multiple killings, and detained several gang suspects and apparent members of a paramilitary gang earlier said to have demobilized. The FARC captain dubbed Coyote was detained in the town of Arauquita in the north-eastern department of Arauca; he was thought involved in an assault in 1988 on the southern town of Miraflores, wherein 16 soldiers and policemen were killed and 22 policemen later ordered kidnapped. A police post and municipal buildings were destroyed in that attack, Caracol radio and EFE reported. Coyote, described as head of the Camilo Torres Front in the Jorge Briceño Block, was also suspected of having organized kidnappings and extortions. Police separately caught at an unspecified date a gang chief dubbed Monstrico or César, and three presumed associates armed with rifles and machine guns, after raiding an estate at an unspecified location, media reported. Monstrico was identified as head of the Meta Block, itself part of a paramilitary and criminal outfit known as ERPAC (Ejército Revolucionario Popular Anticomunista de Colombia), El Colombiano reported, citing declarations by the national police chief José Roberto León Riaño. The ERPAC was described as active in trafficking drugs among other activities in the eastern departments of Meta and Vichada. León said police almost caught another criminal dubbed Pijarvey, said to be fighting ERPAC for control of drug routes in eastern Colombia; four suspected associates of Pijarvey were however detained, he said, without giving dates.

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